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Our mission here at Set’n Hooks is to make ever lasting memories while glorifying our Lord and Savior Jesus Christ in the process. I’ve been fishing for well over two decades and one of my fondest memories are fishing with my family. I remember my mother barging in my brother and I’s room saying we’re going fishing on Saturday.. me and my brother turned to one another as to say what kind of nonsense is that?

But here we are 20 something years later. I recall being 11 to 13 years old and me and my father went out fishing to the beach. Blues were around so I rig up my line put a piece of bunker on and cast. IMMEDIATELY as the bait hits the water I’m on! Blue fish takes off and the fight is on. Again I’m 13 max.. I’m yelling to my dad “ Dude I got one..” he yells back no you don’t just let it sit for a minute just threw it out. About a minute or two goes by of my dad and I yelling back and forth and the blue fish on the line jumps out the water my father quickly yells “ you got one you got one tell him in.” I look at him and just yell I’ve been telling you that.. the fish fought and fought I had to walk the fish out the water on to the beach as my arms got tired of fighting the fish.

This year we went back to the same beach and I caught my PB FLUKE 26”.

Memories like these are the ones I want to help you create with loved ones!